Sunday 25th September 2016
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Wardrobe classic: the Chelsea boot


I’ve probably had some version of a Chelsea boot in my wardrobe since I was 17 years old, and I’m not sure I can say that about anything else, except obviously jeans. As a teenager, I liked them because they felt British and rock and roll to me (if Elvis Costello didn’t wear them, then I imagined he did) and in my hipster 20s I duly wore the clunky Doc Martens versions to a thousand indie rock shows. But after that I began to understand Chelsea boots as classics, and went for iterations that felt more refined. Now I have it both ways: my clunky Blundstones for days when I’m going to be walking all over creation, and my more grown-up Church’s brogue boots for when I’m looking to come off more polished. The appeal never really subsides. They’re a little tomboyish, just the teensiest bit edgy. And comfortable, always. This particular pair is shearling-lined, which just sounds like heaven.


stacked heel gives this one a feminine feel.


Oh, I am just nuts for the grey suede and old school crepe sole here.


Your beloved Doc Martens, but slightly de-clunkified.


I’m a big fan of the brogue detailing on this splurgetastic pair.


Your handy under $100 option.



And I like this pointy option, with its substantial Cuban heel.


The wood-grain sole on this one makes a kind of cool statement.


Tuesday links


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Tuesday trifecta


Some of you have asked if Everlane somehow pays for all the coverage they get here—because I do feature them kind of a lot. But the truth is, I just quite like the brand, and their simple-but-stylish designs, and most importantly, their emphasis on bringing ethically well-priced clothing to the people. And I’m very keen on their brand new selection of wool items, starting with this really well-cut cocoon-ish coat, which rings in just under $200 (it also comes in black, just fyi).


I’ve been looking for a perfectly simple black A-line skirt approximately forever. This one is pretty much exactly right.


And of course I’m loving this cute little cropped pant as well. I’m sure it was conceived as a work piece, but I’d dress it down with a tee and cardigan on weekends.

Six surpassingly cool totes

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 2.32.09 PM

Let’s start with the one I am dying for the absolute hardest: this suede and leather beauty, from Jane Mayle, who has resurrected her beloved-by-many clothing and accessories line from the 90s/early 00’s.


This is just Madewell’s simple Transport Tote, but in the best blue.


I find the black-on-black stripes here to be quite elegant.


OK, in addition to the Mayle bag I am also very much dying for this splurgetastic Jerome Dreyfuss option, with the excellent chain detail.


I love the elongated shape of Baggu’s Basic Tote.


The genius of this one is that you can adjust the handle depending on whether you want to carry it or wear it on your shoulder.


This one from APC is not the most convenient option—it has only the one set of straps, with no shoulder option—but it is so damned elegant I could die.

Monday links




The GOACA denim guide part 2: boyfriend jeans


For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted jeans that fit me the way guys’ jeans fit them: relaxed, slouchy, with room to move. And so I was thrilled when manufacturers introduced the boyfriend jean (and its cousin, the “relaxed skinny”) and I live in fear of the day the trend dies. So I stockpile like mad. And I’d love to add any of the following to my collection, starting with this just slightly faded-out black pair from Citizens of Humanity.


These are seriously roomy and look great low-slung at the hips.


Of course I had to include this bit of crazy-fabulousness.


nice, clean pair with minimal distressing.


I love a good grey pair of jeans.