Monday 26th September 2016
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Top 5 of the week


Today, I bring you pieces I’ve got my eye on over at Net A Porter, starting with this sweater from Bella Freud, featuring her thoroughly charming doggie-in-profile logo, which I have coveted for ages and ages.


Striped Nikes!


A sweeter, softer take on the denim shirt in a really nice, old-school wash.


The polka dotted tulle peeking out from under this otherwise standard-issue preppy jacket just slays me. It’s from J. Crew’s recent capsule collection for Net a Porter, which is worth checking out.


I actually just acquired this pair of Frame boyfriend jeans and they’re quite flatteringly cut and I love the wash, and just in general they’re giving my beloved r13s a run for their money.

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Cheap and chic of the week


Here we have former French Voguette Capucine Safyurtlu looking all kinds of right in head-to-toe gray, a prospect that used to terrify me (the color doesn’t do my skin tone any favors) but that I now embrace fully (lipstick solves everything, it turns out).  Grey is great for color-phobes like me: it allows you to branch out from all black but still play it safe, in a nice, neutral tone that goes with everything and looks great layered with varying shades of itself.


These cigarette pants are so damned snappy and the cut is just right.


Just a good, solid, basic tee—cut on a bias, which is nice.


I am especially keen on the idea of acquiring a pair of gray Vans at the moment.


This sweater is perfectly slouchy-cool, and would look great with above cigarette pants.


I love the look of gray suede—it makes this simple clutch come off so rich.


A classic single-button houndstooth blazer will take you far.


And again, I make my point about gray suede: don’t these pumps look way more expensive than they are?


A cashmere and silk scarf in a great deep charcoal tone.


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The GOACA denim guide part 3: white jeans


Possibly you are thinking my timing is off, what with summer being right out the door, but I believe in white jeans for all seasons (well maybe not the depths of winter) with boots, clogs, sneakers, sandals, or whatever the temperature dictates. I also loathe tight white jeans, so all of these are boyfriend cut, starting with this pair from Citizens of Humanity.


I like the unfinished hem here.


An especially clean, crisp option from J. Crew.


I’m a big fan of Frame Denim’s Le Garcon cut—nice, slouchy, but not sloppy.


Here’s your very nicely priced option.

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Things I bought, Things I want


I can’t get enough of black and white striped tees—they’re quite versatile and sophisticated and a tiny bit rock and roll too—but they are maddeningly hard to find. So I jumped right on this oversized, slouchy number pretty much the moment I saw it. It’s boxy, but not overwhelming because the sleeves are cut narrow.  I pretty much can’t stop wearing it.


These metallic mules from Rachel Comey are magic; a good mood in a shoe.  And the tone is a nice muted metallic, so you don’t feel like you’re wearing clown shoes. In addition to which—and counterintuitively—they’re quite practical: metallics totally work as neutrals; you can wear them with anything. And they’re perfect for this time of year, when it’s too cool for a sandal but not quite boot weather yet. I gave them a test run in the Rachel Comey store on Crosby Street but have yet to pull the trigger, which is curious, given the excellent job I’ve done talking myself into them.


I’m not the biggest fan of velvet, but on a blazer I think it can be brilliant—sexy and tough and super-chic—and I might just be a little obsessed with this one from Frame Denim. It comes in a rather spectacular blue too, but the black just feels so dead-on glamorous I can hardly stand it.


My fixation on yellow abides.


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Tuesday trifecta


Some of you have asked if Everlane somehow pays for all the coverage they get here—because I do feature them kind of a lot. But the truth is, I just quite like the brand, and their simple-but-stylish designs, and most importantly, their emphasis on bringing ethically well-priced clothing to the people. And I’m very keen on their brand new selection of wool items, starting with this really well-cut cocoon-ish coat, which rings in just under $200 (it also comes in black, just fyi).


I’ve been looking for a perfectly simple black A-line skirt approximately forever. This one is pretty much exactly right.


And of course I’m loving this cute little cropped pant as well. I’m sure it was conceived as a work piece, but I’d dress it down with a tee and cardigan on weekends.

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The GOACA denim guide part 2: boyfriend jeans


For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted jeans that fit me the way guys’ jeans fit them: relaxed, slouchy, with room to move. And so I was thrilled when manufacturers introduced the boyfriend jean (and its cousin, the “relaxed skinny”) and I live in fear of the day the trend dies. So I stockpile like mad. And I’d love to add any of the following to my collection, starting with this just slightly faded-out black pair from Citizens of Humanity.


These are seriously roomy and look great low-slung at the hips.


Of course I had to include this bit of crazy-fabulousness.


nice, clean pair with minimal distressing.


I love a good grey pair of jeans.

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