Saturday 26th July 2014
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Print of the week

suno blooming

Yes, it’s a lot of statement. But how often does one see such a brilliant pop of art nouveau these days?

Posted on October 8th, 2013 1 Comment

Hell yes, Eileen Fisher

Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 5.50.14 PM

Eileen Fisher has been on my mind for a couple of reasons lately. Mostly because of that recent (and curious) New Yorker profile of Fisher by Janet Malcolm a few weeks back, but also because people keep asking me about the line, and even sending links to various pieces with notes that read: This is cool, right? Cool is not a word typically associated with Eileen Fisher, but it’s the word that keeps popping up. And I’d say that, based on this boss cashmere poncho that I spied on their website the other day, I’m inclined to agree.

What’s your take on the brand, guys? I’m curious.


Posted on October 7th, 2013 59 Comments

The not at all discreet charm of the crazy grandma ring

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 4.44.11 PMNot long ago, my mother was going through her jewelry drawer and came across the ring you see here, which had belonged to my grandmother, and which I surprised myself by loving. It covers a lot of ground, this ring, swirling and coiling well past the knuckle in a shape that—as you can see—at first comes off serpent-ish, but clearly is not a snake. That front-and-center eye makes it clear this is meant to be an animate object of some sort, but what? Some have suggested a figure from Egyptian mythology. One friend is convinced it’s a sloth. I am certain we will never know for sure. What I do know is that this ring has unlocked in me a passion for the kind of  outsize, just-a-little-too-much rings I’ve always admired on others, but have been afraid to try for myself.

critters ring nordstrom

Like this big bold bird. So totally not my thing, and yet suddenly so right up my alley.

hiss havishamThis also has a kind of Grandma’s Jewelry Drawer energy that I can fully get behind.

geode ring

Well, why not wear a little geode-looking thing right on your finger?

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 5.30.19 PM

This one is almost too straightforwardly pretty to fit with today’s theme, but I’m allowing it anyway on account of its awesomeness.

Posted on October 3rd, 2013 12 Comments

Would you?

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 12.23.06 PM

The short-sleeved coat. Color me eternally intrigued, but never quite sold. You?

Posted on October 2nd, 2013 35 Comments

Print of the week

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 5.43.16 PM

Why, a rainbow kaleidoscope of beetles, of course.

Posted on October 1st, 2013 2 Comments

Tattoo Thursday

Tribeca Mom  got her  first tattoo yesterday: a monogram of her son’s and husband’s first initials. It sits right on the inside of her left wrist, where it will peek out from underneath her Hermes Cape Cod watch, a genius reflection of her preppy/cool style. Nobody is a greater master of high/low dressing than Tribeca Mom, and when she showed up at at the desperately hip Williamsburg tattoo salon (Andrea and I came along for moral support) it was in an outfit I couldn’t stop marveling at. So simple, and yet enviably threw-it-together cool. It takes a lot to make purple leopard print sneakers work, readers, but I swear to you, they did.

*who actually has a name, Meredith Rollins, and does some first-rate blogging of her own.


1. Rebecca Taylor 2. American Eagle 3. TenThousandThings 4. Zara 5. Zara 6. Gap

Posted on September 27th, 2013 9 Comments

Print of the week

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 10.04.25 AM

Right this very second, this Ulla Johnson dress is my everything—and not just for the excellent opposed-chevron print with its really quite fetching color palette. But also because it’s got the kind of flattering cut that not nearly enough dresses have these days—fitted where most of us are the smallest, then flaring out, all feminine.

Posted on September 26th, 2013 6 Comments

It’s the little things

zoe dress

I’ve always believed that one reason so many of us have the habit of pulling our sweater sleeves way down past our knuckles is because it provides a tiny little hit of back-under-the-covers-ish security in the middle of our stressful days. I feel similarly about the allure of dresses with pockets, and am currently loving this fantastic little number from Allsaints, which, in addition to its other stated charms, excels at that whole classic-with-an-unexpected-twist thing I’m always going on about.


Posted on September 24th, 2013 7 Comments

Reader, should I?

wedge clogs no. 6

These platform clogs have been on my mind ever since I didn’t buy them a couple of weeks ago at No. 6. Back then, I wasn’t sure they’d get a ton of wear, but now I feel like I’d be reaching for them every day. Thoughts?

Posted on September 22nd, 2013 43 Comments

Sometimes I like things and it scares me

distressed tee

Behold, the pre-distressed tee.

Posted on September 16th, 2013 15 Comments