Saturday 22nd October 2016
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Thursday trifecta


I don’t get as worked up over leopard prints as I used to, but I still like a really good one—and these days that tends to mean one that has some color other than the ones you traditionally associate with leopard print in the mix. This shirt, with its bold hits of pink against a background of grey, for instance, is pretty remarkable.


Army green turns out to be a great foil for leopard, and gives it an almost camo-like feel.


Don’t even click through to the price (it’s bonkers); I just had to include this coat because it is so fun to look at.




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Print of the week


Converse high tops with a quilt print.  Mind = blown.

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Wardrobe classic: The grandpa cardigan


I like a big old cardigan, because I think it makes my legs, by contrast, look skinny. And I’m not afraid to go really big, just as long as the sweater is fitted through the shoulder so it doesn’t look sloppy (I do own some cardigans made of finer material for when I want to come off more polished). This first one is so great with all of the different flecks of color in the yarn, and the truly grandpa-ish shape.


A well-priced, casual option for your more serious lounging needs.


This deal with the birds is just so pretty and clever, and not at all my usual type of thing but I really like it.


A well-priced classic version, from J Crew.


I like the long ribbed cuffs and hidden snap buttons here.


I own this this particular sweater in grey and black already, and am considering it in navy as well—one of those times when that if-you-like-something-buy-it-in-different-colors rule absolutely applies.

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Madewell is having a very good moment


First off, there’s their just-launched collab with French label Sezane: they’ve done collaborations with Sezane before, but I think this is their strongest one yet. This blazer coat is very Isabel Marant, but at a fraction of the price, of course.


Also from the Sezane collab: I love the buttons at the shoulder of this cable-knit sweater—such a Frenchie detail.


I have super-pricey leather pants, and I have Madewell leather pants, and for some reason it’s the Madewells that I reach for time and again. They’re comfortable and flattering and—while not exactly cheap—are very cheap for what they are. If you’re in the market for a pair, they’re definitely worth checking out.


I don’t know why I haven’t just bought this hooded herringbone sweater already, because I am seriously infatuated with everything about it—right down to the oversize safety pin that comes with it for closure.


A girl can’t own too many striped popover tunics.


This fuzzy sherpa peacoat is just the cuteness.

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Two denim brands that excel at more than jeans


Most denim lines diversify to some degree—a t-shirt here, a jacket there—but few do it as well as the following two, for whom I am completely bonkers. First up: M.i.h. Jeans, which is out of London, and which specializes in pieces that are as easy and fun as they are chic—like this awesome star shirt, which I want and I want.



I love the big fat stripes, deep V, and improbable mix of colors on this alpaca sweater.


This striped coat just delights me.


Frame Denim is based in LA, and mines a more classic vein, with just a touch of rock & roll thrown into the mix. They make the most gorgeous blouses—feminine without being prissy, just how I like—and I’m crazy for this victorian button-down.


A very nearly ideal peacoat.


I wrote about their velvet blazer a little while back; here are the matching pants, which I know are going to drive you cropped pants detractors out there right up a tree.

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Oxfords, with ambivalence

platform oxford

I don’t mind saying I’ve got mixed feelings about Oxford shoes. On the right person, they can look incredibly cool, the very essence of  masculin/feminin styleBut alas, I’m pretty sure I’m not that right person. Because they add so damn little in the way of height, I always feel stumpy and unfeminine in them; mannish, as opposed to chicly menswearish. But because the look itself is so up my tomboy alley, I haven’t wanted to give up so quickly. And so I’ve searched out some options here with platforms—all of which, I hope, do not succumb to the Frankenstein effect that is the fate of many a platform Oxford. For starters, how fantastic are these? If I thought for one moment I could walk in them I would totally go for it.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 6.17.07 PM

You would have to be so careful with these because they could so easily skew wacky, but I absolutely love them.


A whole lot of shoe, to be sure, but they’re Clergerie, so they’re sure to be walkable, no matter how vertiginous they appear.


A very nicely priced pair with a happy high sheen.


And finally: Doc Martens, for which I’ve been feeling curiously nostalgic lately.

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