Monday 29th August 2016
You know who you are.
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Where would you most like to travel?


I am dying, dying, dying to go to Tokyo. And you?

Posted on August 19th, 2016 65 Comments

Your every question, answered

france picture

Welcome to the official 2000th post here at Girls of a Certain Age, and thanks to all of you who contributed questions to what has turned out to be quite a mega-Q&A indeed. I got around to answering pretty much everything, although I chose only to answer a single question from those of you who asked more than one—I was a bit overwhelmed by the volume of questions lobbed my way—and some of the queries seemed better suited to be considered as actual future posts. Do have as much fun reading the following as I had writing it.

If you weren’t in the media, what would you be doing? 

I think I would have made a really good rock star, were it not for the fact that I’ve got nothing in the way of musical talent.

What about your current life would most surprise your younger self?

All of it. But in particular, that I came to the city of my dreams, and that many of my dreams came true here.

Would you mind discussing how you make a living and afford not only fabulous clothes but also travel and a kick-ass apartment in NY? 

Not at all. For a little over a decade, I had a great job that paid very, very nicely. I saved wisely and invested well. This has allowed me to pursue my current, beloved, and yet not hugely lucrative professional endeavor.

Seriously, where do you keep all of the amazing clothes you suggest? What are your closets like?!?

I don’t buy even a fraction of all the items I suggest! Which is not to say I don’t have plenty of clothes, which fit in one small walk-in closet—with the help of the miracle that is Huggable Hangers—and a roomy chest of drawers.  (more…)

Posted on July 25th, 2016 42 Comments

This could be fun

ask me

So, very soon I will have written my 2,000th post. And to mark this momentous event, I thought I might give you the opportunity to ask me anything. I will answer your every question, as long as it isn’t too entirely personal (I’ll try to make as few things off-limits as possible) or libelous. Is this at all interesting to you? If so, leave your queries in the comments.

Posted on July 20th, 2016 76 Comments

What are you reading?

rich and pretty

My favorite recent book has been Rich and Pretty, a really smart, moving and especially well-observed story of two close friends from childhood who find themselves, in their twenties, drifting apart. It gets the particulars of female friendship so right that you will scarcely believe it was written by a man. The book has gotten loads of press and appeared on pretty much every best-books-of-summer list in existence, but I have a sentimental reason for being so fond of it too: its author, Rumaan Alam, was my assistant during the startup days at Lucky (he wrote beautifully here about his experiences at that job) and I loved sharing the earliest days of the magazine with him as my trusty sidekick. When he left Lucky to become a writer, I worried for him. Clearly, I didn’t need to.

Posted on July 13th, 2016 46 Comments

What I did on my vacation

pretty flowers

Well ladies, I’m back. And I had such a good time: there was hiking, as I mentioned there would be; and yoga that was more than a little above my (forever beginner) skill level; there was healthy, delicious food and there were lovely people and there was even bowling. And badminton on a great green lawn.  And so, so many blossoming bushes of peonies. It was all enough to inspire one to browse the local real estate listings, and reader, I did. I’m having one of those it’s-never-too-late-to-change-everything moments, and this one stars a cozy house on a pretty street not too far from some woods where I can walk the dogs every day. Would I be bored out of my mind in the country? Very possibly yes. But it is a lovely fantasy. Meanwhile, please excuse me if I am not quite up to speed this week: I have vacation brain pretty bad.

Posted on June 27th, 2016 13 Comments

Heads up


Well guys, I’m off to the mountains again in order to hike, do yoga, eat well, renew, revive, and just in general take care of myself. I’ll be gone around three weeks, during which time I will be posting occasionally. Do check back. I love you impossibly.

Posted on June 2nd, 2016 32 Comments