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No more tight pants

I won’t lie: I’m in a bit of a mood today. The weather is stuck in some humid, sticky, holding pattern of ick; the dog took a big fat liberty on my nice vintage Moroccan rug, and I am feeling like a bit of a chubster—and therefore in no mood to transition into the skinny jeans that I pretty much live in during the cooler months now that I don’t have to show up at an office anymore. Quite suddenly I feel desperately in need of an alternative. Part of this is a question of what looks best—it stands to reason that I’d like another option on pudgypants days like these. But also, I’d like something more graceful and easy; trouser-y, but not in a workaday way. I want them to be as casual and throw-them-on-and-go as my summer chinos.  I’ll just start in with the pair you’re all most likely to mock me for liking: this Rag & Bone harem style number, because I think they are crazy flattering. And also quite chic.

Also from Rag & Bone: these look kind of like modified leggings, and aren’t as much slouchy as they are relaxed—but they do look about as comfortable as the day is long.

There are few things I loathe more  than I loathe a pleat, but I think I could swing the itsy ones here. And I like the higher waistline, as a higher waistline is something I’m currently aspiring to in a pant as well.

This pair from Helmut Lang has just clean enough lines to make the drop crotch work. I really believe that.

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Morning links

  • Itsy, covert street art. (Time)
  • A Hong Kong tycoon has offered $65 million to whatever man can land his lesbian daughter—who is, considering that she already has a spouse, being a pretty good sport about about it.
  • Might a prequel to Downton Abbey be headed our way some day? (Deadline Hollywood)
  • That Todd Akin is a real class act. (New York)
  • Grand Central Station used to have a “kissing room,” and now it’s going to have one again. (Gothamist)
Posted on September 28th, 2012 2 Comments

The new animal print

Is an animal print. I’m particularly fond of this clever little birdie top from Hope.

…as well as these sly little foxes from Tory Burch.

This Tibi top takes the look in a rather grown-up, sophisticated direction.

…while this puppy-print number absolutely does not.


Isn’t it cool how the leaping rabbits on this cardigan almost create a houndstooth-like print?

Sophia Costas makes a whole bunch of animal print scarves—everything from polar bears to hedgehogs to panthers.  But I think the llama‘s my favorite.

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Oh, the adorability

So I’m kind of going nuts for this bag line Sidney and Sons that I discovered just yesterday. Isn’t this one lovely? In a utilitarian-but-also-quite-sophisticated way? I like it in the hunter green as well.


Also: how chic is this canvas tote? And did I mention everything is under $175?

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Morning links

  • Loving this poster that Joan Baez and her sisters Pauline and Mimi made in 1968 to benefit the Draft Resistance. (Retronaut)
  • In honor of its 43rd season, which just kicked off: 43 little-known Sesame Street facts. Also, some of its more notable and spoofs. (Mental floss, Daily Beast)
  •  This is kind of gross. But also quite fascinating. (Daily What)
  • I don’t usually go in for this type of thing, but I must say that Katy Perry’s Daria nail art is quite winning.
  • And…Madeleine Albright on drums. (New York)
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E-Z Style



Fashion people can be real snobs about pieces that come pre-styled—because, like, only amatuers need to take shortcuts—but I say to hell with that. Not only do pre-styled pieces take the guesswork out of creating a cool layered look, but they eliminate any unwanted bulk you might accumulate along the way. I popped in to Comptoir de Cottoniers* today and saw this little number, which demonstrates my point perfectly.

Likewise: I could never make this happen so—literally—seamlessly in a million years.


This is actually a dress, and rather short. But also too cute not to share.


*Comptoir doesn’t yet have American e-commerce—boo!—but they make it pretty easy to order from their British and French sites, so don’t let that deter you.

Posted on September 26th, 2012 6 Comments

A good saddlebag is hard to find

Not so hard to find if you’re willing to spend, say, $900. Or if you don’t mind designers taking great liberties with the notion of what, exactly, a saddlebag is. But if you’re looking for one with a very traditional shape and no unnecessary hardware, and that comes in a color found in nature, and that’s pretty well-made, you might be looking a while. I do like this one from Maison Scotch, though, and the price isn’t battypants.


This J Crew number will run you a bit more, but it could not be a more classic shape. Truly—cliches aside—one of those bags you’ll own forever. In addition to which: it’s impossibly rare to find bags  with exactly no hardware, which is a look I love, and when you do they’re usually somebody by super-fancy and truly cost a fortune.

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Morning links

  • The Coen brothers are developing a TV series with FX based on their 1996 movie Fargo. And despite my previously articulated thoughts regarding the unholy nature messing with the classics,  I actually think this one could totally work.
  • On the other hand: Glee never, ever needed to make this happen to one of my favorite Hole songs. (Vulture)
  • Three guesses what takes the #1 spot on this countdown of the top 50 high school movies of all time. (EW)
  • Jane Mayle has created a capsule collection of  handbags for Club Monaco, which you can check out here.
  • Victoria’s Secret is included a “Sexy Little Geisha” lingerie set—complete with chopsticks and a fan—in their new collection.  Which has, as one might imagine, landed them in a bit of hot water. (Styleite)
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I am powerless over my desire for this Liberty-lined Barbour jacket


If my home ever caught fire and left me with time to grab only ten items in my closet before fleeing, I’m pretty certain my Barbour Beadnell jacket would make the cut. It’s not the coolest article of clothing I own, but it’s definitely  the one that makes me feel coolest when I wear it—in that whole British, town and country, glamorous-without-trying kind of way.  Plus, it’s excellently water-resistant and warm and un-bulky,  which is nice for those of us who live where the weather can be crap all winter. Now, J. Crew is selling Barbour’s fabulous Liberty print-lined Beadnell —which hasn’t always been the easiest thing to track down. I can’t possibly justify the purchase, seeing as how I already own one. But possibly you can. In which case, I am jealous, jealous, jealous.

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It’s almost October

Which means that flowy, asymmetrical sweater season is almost upon us! I wait all year for this. Doesn’t this one just look like a big fat hug?

There are a bunch of sweaters that do this kind of V-thing dead center, and I kind of love it, mostly because I wanted for years to be cool enough to pull off a poncho and never was, and this seems like the wearable, grown-up version of that.

One way to get around concerns that a big old sweater is going to swallow you up: choose one with a super-flattering neckline.

And for those who prefer their drama minimal: this very clean number, which is only just slightly longer in the back.

For those days when 100% butt coverage is a must.

This one is such a nice red, and good for those who desire a bit less bulk.

Posted on September 24th, 2012 9 Comments