Thursday 29th September 2016
You know who you are.
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Wednesday links


  • Perfect movies for the autumnal equinox. (Flavorwire)
  • This beginner’s guide to meditation is just two minutes long, pretty much says all you need to know to get a start, and makes the whole enterprise come off a lot less intimidating than it usually does. (Kottke)
  • Would you take a nap in this airport pod between flights? (Mental Floss)
  • Modern Family has just cast television’s first transgender child actor. (Jezebel)
  • A look back at the rock & roll billboards of LA’s Sunset Strip. (Collector’s Weekly)

What are you always searching for the next, most perfect version of?


Jeans, obvs.  And you?

The ineffable cool of the long-sleeved striped tee


I was having a tough time figuring out how to adequately describe for you what it is that I find so appealing about this particular article of clothing, and how it differs—aside from a few inches of fabric—from its short-sleeved counterpart, when I called my friend Andrea for help. Is it that there’s something more sophisticated about a long-sleeved striped tee? I asked her. Less poppy and fun, and more polished? Is that it? “It’s French,” she replied, without taking even a millisecond to consider. “That’s it.”  And of course she’s right.


Remarkably, I’ve only got two long-sleeved striped tees in my closet and they’re both black and white; some diversification is clearly in order. This red and blue number—so French chick— might be a nice place to start.


This blue on blue option is subdued but still statement-y.


Black and army green is completely unexpected and maybe a little weird, but it totally works.


The only designer logo for which I am a total sucker is the Comme des Garcons Play heart, and I am wickedly tempted by this bold red and white tee emblazoned with it.


This one is just an outrageously good buy.

Tuesday links


  • The Weinstein Company and Priscilla Presley are collaborating on a TV show about Elvis, which could be interesting. (Flavorwire)
  • 25 notable women on being alone. (The Cut)
  • The eight stages of a TV couple. (Vulture)
  • You can now register to vote on Snapchat. (Time)
  • The most banned books of all time, in handy infographic form. (Mental Floss)

Tuesday trifecta


I’m thinking that the next time I’m tempted to buy yet another white button-down like all my other white button-downs, I’ll go for a tuxedo shirt instead, just to mix things up. There’s something very sexy-unbuttoned-Rat-Pack about them that quite appeals. And they work just as well with ratty jeans as they do with tailored trousers. I’ve had my eye on this striped band-collar J. Crew shirt for ages; I’d likely might size up for maximum slouch.


red silk version seems entirely luxe, and unexpected, too.


A perfectly crisp, white, altogether classic take.


Prints of the week


I’m in a dangerous mood today, ready to swap out all the tasteful Rosenthal china I received as a gift for entering into my misbegotten marriage for some of this spectacular—and rather spectacularly loud—dinnerware from Tokyo Design Studio. Could there be a more joyous dinner plate than this?


I actually did go right ahead and order a couple of these—perfect for takeout Pho.


This dessert plate is seriously perfect for sweets.


If I had room in my cupboard for even one more mug, I’d go for this in a second.